Eyeing a Career in News? Train to become a News Anchor!

Becoming a news anchor or newscaster can be a life altering career choice. Newscasters or news anchors earn a handsome salary, rewarding bonuses and then there is fame and glamour that comes with the job. Often, newscasters or primetime news anchors become celebrities and household names. But that is exactly what you shouldn’t focus on. If you wish to become a newscaster or news anchor for the money or fame, then you should rethink your decision. Money and fame only come to those who work very hard for it, especially in the media industry. A singer or actor may become famous after one single or one movie but a newscaster or news anchor would have to put in years of hard work and would have to toil through the existing system, shattering glass ceilings and doing something very different to attain fame.

Prerequisites of a News Anchor

You have to be a good speaker. You need to be an orator and must have the power to articulate yourself in a simple and convincing manner. You need to look good on camera. You don’t have to be the most beautiful woman or most handsome man on the planet but you should be presentable. Your personality and your presence should be desirable. You need to have interpersonal skills. An introvert or someone who finds it difficult to go along with others will never be a successful news anchor or newscaster. You would have to work with others and you need to carry them along.

Finally, you need to be an excellent writer. Normally, news anchors would use teleprompters and editors and producers would organize the content but a newscaster will have to invest his or her own writing prowess. The successful newscasters of any media don’t rely on others to write what they would say. Also, you need to be a hard worker. You shouldn’t shy away from eighteen hour days and six or seven days of consistent labor.

Relevant Training

You can get a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, broadcast journalism or media studies. You would need to have extensive knowledge in political science, history, current affairs and then the specific areas of your interest which you would use later. You should invest yourself in writing contests, internships, volunteering for media campaigns and you should try to get exposure wherever possible that can give you an edge when you look for a job. You may also opt for a master’s degree in journalism or some special certification to get relevant advantage. There are special courses training aspirants to write specifically for news channels and television.